Arising from the John McGahern seminar which ran from 2007 for eight years, the Iron Mountain Literature Festival was established in 2016, reframed in a wider context involving writers, artists and thinkers from many perspectives.


The festival continues to draw much of its motivation from the works and legacy of John McGahern, an approach which has allowed for a wide-ranging literary event combining panels, talks, readings and field trips which look to ideas central to and arising from an exploration of place, home and identity and the role of literature in shaping an understanding of history and human experience.

While it is unlikely that we will be able to physically come together in Leitrim for this year's Iron Mountain festival, we will be holding a series of events online in the week running up to Saturday 9th October, when we will be announcing the recipient of this year's John McGahern Award. 

Further details of this year's programme will be published in the coming weeks.